Introduction: Engraving and Burning Signs

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Make a beautifully rustic sign with just a router and a torch.

Step 1: Supplies

Your Need:
A power drill
A hand router
A torch
A sander or sandpaper(not too coarse!)
Dowel Pins
Rubber Mallet

WOOD (I used a piece of cherry that I had laying around.)
The size depends,on what your want to say.

Step 2: Engrave

Engraving with a router by hand is like learning to write again with your opposite hand. I know many people have CNC machines which I think are great but I don't have one, and neither do some other people. So either way you do it this concept will still work fine. Roughly sketch in the words you want to and then take a straight edge and put straight lines across the bottom to keep your words level.
If your doing this by hand just remember to take your time.
Practice on a scrap piece of wood. Don't worry if you mess up. Just be patient.

Step 3: Torch It!


Carefully take your torch and begin going over your board with it. Don't stay on one area to long. If you do your turn the wood into charcoal! Don't get to close to your letters. They need to stay fairly white. But its okay to get the edges.
REMEMBER: The tip of the blue flame is the hottest point. That's were you want to hit the board with.

Step 4: Sand It

Take a sander or piece of sandpaper and go over it hard. You don't want too coarse of a paper. Just kinda of a medium.
If you sand down enough you will still have the brown look and still be able to see the grain of the wood.

Step 5: Final Touches

I drilled a hole in the back and put a dowel pin there so it could sit on shelves on its own. But really the mounting options are endless.
Also, I took and put my initials on the back and put the date down that I made it. This is handy so that later on you can look back and see when you made it.

Step 6: Others

I have made multiple signs and these are just a few. I hope this gave you some ideas. Thanks for checking this out.

Don't give up, don't give in.

God Bless!!!!

Comments, questions, advise, ideas, please let me know!