Introduction: From Modem to MP3 Player

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Repurpose an old internet modem in to a MP3 player!

This is one of the neatest projects I've ever done and I hope some people will try it out. My Dad gave me the idea and I took off with it after that.
Hope you enjoy this!
Tell me what you think!

Step 1: Stuff You May Need.

1. MP3 player unit. You can get these on eBay for about $5 or more.
2. A speaker. A good full range speaker. You can get speakers really cheap at Goodwill's and thrift stores. I got one out of an old computer speaker.
3. Power supply. These you can also get at Goodwill and thrift stores for a $1 or less. Mine is an old phone charger. It runs about 5 volts.
4. Some paint. This is optional, but makes it look a lot better.

Step 2: Tools

1. A electric meter is useful for this job.
2. Wire cutters, and were strippers.
3. A Swiss comes in very handy!
4. Soldering iron
5. Oscillating Saw. This is a great tool, and makes this job a lot easier.

Step 3: Tear Down

Open up and tear apart your modem. They are fairly easy to open up and remove the insides.
The circuit board just slid right out. The top on my model has holes in it which is where I put the speaker.

Step 4: Install Speaker

I bolted the speaker in with 4 tiny bolts. You could still slightly see the speaker so I decided to paint it and the heads of the screws.

Step 5: Cut Out Face Hole and Paint

I made a paper template to cut out around. I taped it on with duck tape and then cut around it. The hole wasn't perfectly square but the MP3 unit fit in nicely. I painted the front and then the screws so it would look more uniform.

Step 6: Wiring

I'm sorry that I don't have more pictures of my wiring, but I got carried away and forgot to take pictures. Simply hook up your power and then your speaker. After testing mine I found that it was very quiet. I could barely hear it. So i took out the amplifier from the computer speaker I got from goodwill. I installed it in the modem and was amazed at the difference it made. Its nice and loud now.
I put a battery from an old cell phone in it but it didn't seem to work. If you were too buy a new one off eBay or Amazon it might work.

Step 7: Cut Out Backing Plate

I made a new backing plate out of a piece of scrap wood. I used the oscillating saw on this piece too. I then sanded the edges.

Step 8: Install and Paint Backing Plate

I drilled a small hole in the backing plate and ran the power supply wire though it. Then I screwed the plate on and painted it. I also added some paint to the top and sides of the modem.

Step 9: DONE!!!!!!!!!!

And there you have it! I am really happy with the outcome. It is plenty loud and has good quality sound. I hope you liked it. If you think I did okay on it feel free to vote for me.

Any question, comments, complaints, or advise, let me know in the comment section.

May God Bless and Keep You!

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