Introduction: Entrance Banners for a Haunted House

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We saw an entrance banner at a halloween store, for $30 you got thin plastic tube "pole", a little plastic gothic looking trim and a plastic banner... NOT happening ! Since we use 2" PVC pipe to build walls etc in our haunt we have a lot of pieces and fittings laying around so I scrounged up some. For the banners I remembered picking up a couple rolls of some sort of backing cloth from the trash a while back.. PERFECT

Step 1: Collect Materials

I wish I had some longer pieces of pvc but you work with what you have, of course you could just buy a full lenght of pipe and one T fitting if your so inclined. Most of my pipe is from Craigslist but we do need to buy various fittings. The roll of material is some kind of backing for tile I think. Theres enough pipe here for 1 banner pole

Step 2: The Poles

Pretty simple really, assemble your parts into a pole (or 5) or cut your full lenght to around 7' and then paint it/them

Step 3: The Banners

For the banners I unrolled about 7' feet of the material, I didn't measure it but its about 4' wide, folded it in half lenghtwise then in half lenghtwise again, then make one curvey cut down the lenght on the side with the 3 layers, this gives you 2 banners almost indentical

Step 4: Banners 2

to attach the banners to the poles, I wrapped the material over a section of pvc and used hotglue. For the lettering the easist and quickest way was to use masking tape as a reverse stencil and just spray paint the banner. I thought I took pictures of the banners before painting.... dont know what happened to them ! !  Now that they're up I think I need to add a flame of some kind to the top... be sure to look for them in my HAIUNTED HOUSE "ible" coming the first week of Nov 2010

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