Introduction: Environmentally Friendly Booby Trap

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this is a really cool tripwire activated non-pyrotechnic (thus producing no dangerous emissions from fireworks) booby trap using the potential energy from a spring, AKA a mouse trap. it's pretty cool, and gets a real even spread of about 5-10 feet in front of the trap, depending on the type of ammunition.
(I would recommend airsoft bb's.)

Step 1: Obtain Materials

The materials you will need for this trap will be:
Mouse trap
cereal box cardboard
Duct tape
masking tape
electrical tape
more tape
string (i used yarn)
Fishing string
cardboard tube or something of the sort

power drill

Step 2: Prep the Mousetrap

to prep the mousetrap you will need to drill a hole in all four corners of the trap and take the spring off of the bar that swings. (this is optional but it helps alot.)

Step 3: Add the String Stopper

now take your string or whatever and loop it over the bar and put one end in each hole in the back and tie it. now take your spring and put it back over the bar. if it does not move, great but if it does take a stick or something and wind it underneath the trap and tape it there so that the bar can only go to vertical.

Step 4: Build the Ammunition Holder

build a box as shown, being sure to cut slits for the bar to go across. now tape it liberally to the bar part of the trap. this is about as big as the box should be, I would not recommend making it any bigger.gger.

Step 5: Build the Trip Wire

for this step you will need the tube and the pencil and fishing string. tape the tube to the pencil and add string and tape the string to the tripper on the trap.

Step 6: Set the Trap

now take a nice long strip of duct tape and strap it to something solid, like the floor. next take your tripwire and tie it to something solid with just a little bit of slack. next, set the mousetrap, and pour your projectiles into the ammunition holder, and walk away knowing you have a fun prank that wont hurt the environment.
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