Introduction: Epic Man Sized Sandwhich

I was hungry and felt I needed to make my sandwhich epic!

What you need or what I used:

1) Bread. I used a savoury bread from our local supermarket. You can use anything you like.

2) Meat. I used 2 pieces of rump steak.

3) Cheese. Cheddar was what I found in the fridge :)

4) Mushrooms. I like white button mushrooms but use your favourite

5) Onions. Plain white onion will do.

6) Nice ripe tomato.

7) Lettuce. As fresh and crisp as you can can get.

8) Tabasco Chipotle sauce as its my favourite hot sauce.

9) Worcestershire sauce

10) Lemon juice

11) Meat spice

12) Fire wood

13) Grill and tongs

You will need to do a couple of things to make this awesome tasting, mansize, EPIC sandwhich :)

Step 1: Meat on Top, Fire Below...

Marianate your meat.

Place your meat in a glass bowl and pour about half a cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce over the meat. Leave this covered (not airtight) until the fire is ready.

Make a fire.

Take your wood and place that on your braai (rest of the world calls it a barbeque for some odd reason). Normally I would make a ball of paper, place a lot of small thin twigs over it, add slightly thicker twigs and build my wood pile up until I can put leg thick logs on. Light it and wait for the red hot coals to make their appearance. This time I was in a hurry (I was hungry) so just used 3" thick logs and a firelighter to get it going. The fire was ready after 45 minutes. Check that the flames are gone. Just the redhot coals must be left. Don't put your meat on the wood flame as it will give the meat a funny taste that is not nice. Once the coals are there and you are braai'ing, you will see the fat from the meat causing some flames, these are fine for flame grilling but not too much - bitter burnt meat is not nice.

Step 2: Load Your Bread

So while you are waiting for the fire to be ready, get some other stuff done.

Cut the bread open and spread some butter.

Cut tomatoe in thin'ish slices and place it on the bread.

Add the thinly cut cheese (as much as you can handle :)

Now add the lettuce that you have also cut into strips.

Dice the onions and mushrooms and fry them in a pan. You can fry them together. The mushrooms are ready when they are soft and the onions are ready when they get a glassy colour. I added some Oreganum spice to the onion and mushroom mix.

Step 3: Braai'ing Your Meat.

This means grill you meat.

When the fire is ready, remove the meat from the dish and place on the grill. I place my meat about 3" above the coals. Turn it regularly so you do not burn one side. The meat is ready when you press it and it feels firmer. Not too firm - too firm is well done. I like my meat to be medium rare to rare. Should not take longer than 10 minutes to be done with the meat. Add the meat spice just before you take off the meat. This way it doesn't burn away while it is braai'ing and the meat stays a beautiful brown colour. After you have taken it off the grill, your meat needs to rest for about 10 minutes. This is so the spices can be drawn in and the meat flavour will be fuller.

Step 4: Cut It and Paste It

I used both pieces and cut it into strips about half an inch thick and placed it on the lettuce. Now you can add the mushrooms and onions and hot sauce on top of the meat. Just add the other half of the bread, slice the whole sandwhich in half, get yourself a beer and go enjoy your Epic sandwhich.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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