Introduction: Epic Pallet Beer Mug

I made a wooden beer mug

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Step 1: Preparing

Cutting the pieces with angled edges and cleaning the faces

Step 2: Cutting the Slots

Cutting the slots for bottom and for rope reinforcement

Step 3: Bottom of the Mug

Cutting and gluing the bottom of mug and cutting out the circle

Step 4: Assembly

Gluing the sides and cleaning the joints

Step 5: Carving

Using the V chisel and gouge

Step 6: Charring With a Candle

Charring to give carve more depth

Step 7: Handle and Hoop

Gluing the rope, shaping and instalation of the handle

Step 8: Waterproofing

Waxing the inside of the mug

Step 9: Skål (Cheers)

Ready for feasting

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