Introduction: Epoxy Bear Coathanger and Doorknob


I love making stuff for my kids.

This time i wanted some doorknobs for a closet and to hangs my little girls coats i matching coathanger.


- (Teddybear)mold

- Glitters and colors for epoxy
- Epoxy
- Duvel's(mine are wood)

Step 1: First Layer

I did a clear layer first just cause I want a space between the de front and the glitters and colors.

Step 2: Glitters and Colors

I did use pink epoxy color and white glitter in the second layer but for some reason, my pink left the teddybears pretty much at all.

Step 3: Duvel's

Place the duvel's and make sure they will not shift places during pouring and curing.

Then I did mix pink and white acryl paint trough my epoxy so I get the pink back in the bears.

Step 4: Cured

After 24 hours i could remove them from the mold and have a look.

With UVresin i did paint the face and paws so they look super cute.

Step 5: Finishing Up

All finished so when the time is there I can place them onto the little girl closet and hang her coats on the matching coathanger.

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