Introduction: Essence of Beer Grilled Chicken

I threw together a few of my favorite ingredients and made the best chicken marinade for my family's taste buds! I have been making this for over a decade now and it is still as great as the first time I made it.

It only has 5 ingredients, but you do need to prepare and have the time to marinade it over night. I have tried to grill this on a gas grill and does not even come close to a charcoal grill. I do suggest to use some type of charcoal grill and even some type of hickory wood chips on top of the charcoal to flavor the chicken even more. It is a wonderful tasting and easy recipe. I hope you enjoy it!

Items Needed

Charcoal grill

Charcoal coals

Gallon baggie

Medium bowl


Plate to set it on

Ingredients Needed

4 Chicken legs with the thighs attached, bone in and skin on

2 Beers, preferably Michelob golden draft light beer! But any non-dark beer that you like will due

3 Tablespoons Emeril Lagasse's Essence spice and a bit more to sprinkle on the chicken later

1/3 Cup extra virgin olive oil

1/3 Cup rice vinegar, preferably a seasoned one meant for salads

Step 1: Marinade Mix

Take the gallon baggie add in the Beer, Essence Spice, Olive Oil, Rice Vinegar and then add the chicken legs/thighs into the mix.

Make sure you squeeze out most of the air and make a good seal. Shake the bag around to mix up the marinade really good and set it in a large bowl to keep the seal up right.

Stick it in the fridge over night.

Step 2: Grilling Time

By now the chicken should be nice and marinated.

Start the charcoal grill and let the flames go down a bit until you see some of the charcoal's turn ashy gray. When your charcoals are ready place the marinated chickens bone side down first. Add a bit more Emeril Lagasse's Essence Spice to the top meaty sides of the chicken.

Keep a good eye on the chicken so it will not burn and lift the chicken from time to time so the skin will not stick to the grates. The flames can get really high from the chicken juice when you first start out.

Turn over a few times during the process until done. This takes about an hour to two hours of grilling time depending on how hot your coals are and what level you keep the grate on. I do suggest the highest level so not to burn the chicken. Finish off the chickens with the bone side down as well.

Step 3: Finshed Essence of Chicken

The chicken skin will be crispy and supper yummy! This delicious chicken will go with any normal side dishes that is meant for a grilled dinner.

I hope you try this at home!

Let me know in the comment section if you did make it and what you thought of it.

Thanks for looking!

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