Introduction: Eucalyptus Syrup

This project is to raise awareness of the benefits that come from using Eucalyptus on people when it is used as medicine. You can mention Homeopathic medicine as part of alternative medicine, which is based on natural laws and that the cause of the disease is similar to healing. The treatment is to include only the necessary amounts of the substance to be used for the effect this has on the body is beneficial for him and not the worse the state of the person who has these pains.
Is emphasized especially in the Eucalyptus, as mentioned above, focusing on a medicine for the cure of diseases.

Step 1: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus was chosen because it is a plant that has many features that are beneficial to people, one of them is accessibility that when you get it. Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, sometimes reaching a height of 100 metros.Existen about 700 species, most native to Australia. Young leaves of the eucalyptus are sessile and oval, these are elongated and turn a bright teal color adult, balsamic odor, is said to have healing properties and relieves sore throats and soothes the airways, also has many medicinal properties to soothe and heal certain common and uncommon diseases. Among these are: Asthma, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Cold, among others.

Step 2: Application in Daily Life

The eucalyptus plant is very easy to get , and its cost is not so excessive as to the country's people can not access it . On one side is this small advantage . On the other hand, it has to do home remedies ( home ) since eucalyptus leaves are easy to prepare and release their healing properties and substances very quickly , without much elaboration process, just knowing all the method proper preparation and also know what you want to heal enough. For example you can add eucalyptus leaves to a pan of boiling water and inhale a person that is emanating eucalyptus in that moment , it already becomes a home remedy and easy to prepare to help nasal congestion , runny of the bronchi , coughing , asthma , minor muscle aches . Although no mention finish all other hassles that eucalyptus can heal, these are the most common treatable.

Step 3: Process.

A syrup is a preparation wherein a sugar infusion is almost to saturation, thereby enabling the preparation retain and enhance infusions would be difficult to take subsequently.

It begins by grinding sugar cane.

Step 4:

Placing two liters of water and then poured sugar cane,

Step 5:

Boil the brown sugar model, this is left for twenty minutes,

Step 6:

Eucaliptus is processed by hand.

Step 7:

When you boil it gets broken in eucalyptus (50 grams) previously cut and let simmer for about 10 minutes.

Step 8:

It begins to beat by hand until dismissed eucalyptus, then you have a boat and liquid alcohol spray to throw the boat where you will put to disinfect,
After ten minutes of said cool. The recommended dose is 1 scoop in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Step 9: Conclusion.

During this research we learned about the importance, usefulness and all the benefits of homeopathic medicine has for us when suffering a loss of physical. Throughout this week we focus especially working in respiratory problems, it was considered necessary as it is very common to suffer from common respiratory problems, infections of the same type, allergies, nasal congestion and in extreme cases may be suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia and others.

Step 10: Recommendatios.

It was concluded that the measure is a fundamental aspect to be taken into account in making the syrup, so when preparing the drug should not exceed 50 grams of eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus is harmless when used in recommended amounts, plus it is not recommended that young children ingest it. Eating syrup as follows: two tablespoons in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night, if discomfort persists, otherwise just take a spoonful every twelve hours.

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