Introduction: Eva Hybrid Bot

The Eva hybrid bot is a mix of Wall-e and Eva from the disney movie Wall-e. In the movie, both Wall-e and Eva has their own characteristics and individuality as if they were humans. Eva was a robot that scanned the Earth in signs of life as this was when humans lived in space and waiting to return to Earth. Eva protects the last living plant on Earth that is now filled with trash in hope for the future in which they return back to Earth from a bot who was given an order centuries ago of not returning to Earth. In the end, life begans to grow on Earth filled with plants. In this kind of concept, the Eva hybrid bot is able to hold flowers just as it had protected the plant in the movie.


1) The print-out( for the mask and arms)

The actual robot print-out(

2) Scissors or Exacto Knife

3) Elmer's gluestick or Rolled up Tape

4) Any Kind of Small Flower (optional)

5) Hole-Puncher (Optional)

Step 1:

With scissors or an exacto knife, cut out the outlines along the edge. Also, cut out the dotted-line slits.

Step 2:

Cut out the additional mask and arms.

Step 3:

Fold the lines according to the arrows in the print-out.

Step 4:

Glue 1's on top of 2 and 5's on the opposite side of 4 then glue the 3's on top of 5. There will be numbers on the piece of paper.

Step 5:

According to the print-out, the folded piece at the top needs to be glued to the edge of where it says "bottom".

Step 6:

Cut holes into the arms where it is marked either with a hole-puncher or scissors.

Step 7:

Place the folded part of the arms into the slits.

Step 8: (Optional)

Place a flower into the hole of the arm.

Step 9:

Enjoy the beautiful flower and the Eva Hybrid Bot and you are done! >_<