Introduction: Evil FrankenDroid

I was looking through one of my old boxes of random items, and for some reason I was compelled to torture this cute little Android I got from a Google-sponsored event. So I thought, 'who doesn't want a customized Evil FrankenDroid? Do it while we can before the evil Robots take over the world!!!'

I think the pictures speaks for itself, as to what this project is about -- making an Android with glowing evil eyes. This project is a simple, but fun project for all people whether you are like crafts or robots. I personally think this FrankenDroid looks cute, but other people disagree.

Step 1: Materials

  • Foam Android, courtesy of Google
  • Arduino Uno or 101
  • 5mm Red LED
  • 100Ω Resistor
  • Jumper Wires

Step 2: Android Surgery

  • Snip an x-shaped cut on both of the Android eyes, where we shall embed the LEDs.
  • Poke the LEDs through and if the pin is not long enough, cut off the back of the head.
  • It doesn't matter how neat this cut looks, the weirder the cut the more frankenstein-like the Android will look.
  • Keep in mind which leg is the longer and shorter leg when the LED is poked through the Android Eyes.

Step 3: Wiring and Reattachment

  • Poke a hole through the back of the small piece of the back of the android head, to let the jumper through.
  • Connect a female to female jumper wire on each of the pins from the LEDs; this will serve as an extension cable for power.
  • Glue gun the pins to the jumper wires so that the pins do not come loose.
  • Then, glue gun the back of the Android's head back on.
  • Optionally, put a bead of hot glue on the cables so it doesn't fly everywhere.

Step 4: Circuitry

The LED eyes of the Android will be powered by the Arduino. The benefit of it being connected to the Arduino is such that we have controls of the eyes. The eyes will be programmed to be able to blink, wink, and stare.

The pins will be connected to the LEDs via the jumper wires that was glued onto the LEDs as extension cable to ease cable management.

  • Connect the ground pin of the Arduino to the black power rail of the breadboard.
  • The right eye LED is connect to pin 3 in series through a 100Ω resistor. While, the left eye LED is connected to pin 9 in series through a 100Ω resistor.
  • Then, connect the black power rail to the ground pins of both LEDs to complete the circuit.

Step 5: Code

void setup(){

// assign the pins to the left and right eye LEDs pinMode (3, OUTPUT); pinMode (9, OUTPUT);


void loop(){

//make the android blink by calling our blinkblink function blinkblink(); }

void winkLeft(){

// turn on left LED digitalWrite (3, HIGH); digitalWrite (9, LOW);

// wait 0.3 seconds then keep winking delay(300); }

void winkRight(){

//turn on right LED digitalWrite (3, HIGH); digitalWrite (9 LOW); // wait 0.3 seconds then keep winking delay (300); }

void stare(){

//turn on both LEDs digitalWrite (3, HIGH); digitalWrite (9, HIGH); }

void blinkblink(){ // note that blink is a keyword for arduino

// use the stare and sleep functions with a delay to blink it stare(); delay(750); sleep(); delay(750); }

void sleep(){

// turn off both LEDs digitalWrite (5, LOW); digitalWrite (6, LOW); }

Step 6: It's ALIVE!

The Evil FrankenDroid is ALIVE! Well, it's actually just blinking.

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