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While we are staying at home because of pandemic, we have to change our habits and routine. Some of these changes are useful for us but another isn't. As me, I had to stay at home from last March and this affected heavily to my study. I wasted my time and watched TV many times. My healthy was affected from that so my study wasn't effective. I decided to change my life by some behaviors and mind exercises. I focused on doing the healthy habits, physical sports, and good activities. So in this Instructables I will show how I became more effective and achieved my goals.

Step 1: Have Good Health and Nutrition

Your healthy is the first step for a good mind. It's control hormones inside your body. So you should apply this simple steps for good health and nutrition:

  1. Get Healthy Sleeping:
    - Stay away from light for 15 minutes at least before sleeping. And don't use phone in this duration.
    - Go to sleep at night early, this will allow Melatonin hormone to work. Melatonin hormone is very useful for our whole body and it's very important to keep sleeping comfortable.
    - Sleep about 7-8 hours in the night. Some studies said that the human body has a sleep cycle which is about 90 minutes duration. You can use any app. for example click here .
  2. Get Healthy Waking Up:
    - Start your day with a positive energy. The start of your day is responsible for your progress in this day.
    - Drink a cup of coffee. I noticed its effect in my mode, it makes me happy and hopeful. It also gives me activity and vitality in the morning.
    - Eat your breakfast in quiet place. This place may be your own garden or your living room with quiet piano music.
  3. Take an integrated diet:
    - Drink about 3 litres of water daily. Drinking water continuously gives your mind activity which is needed.
    Tip: put a bottle of water next to you when working or studying, this will remind you to drink.
    - An integrated diet is very useful for our brain. it controls chemicals that is responsible for our actions and the way we thought. I have attached my foods routine in above images.

Step 2: Tips to Stay Focused

Good way to do your aims at an accelerating rate is to stay focused. When I tried to be focus, I got some obstruction. I couldn't control my thoughts very will, like chatting with my friends when I should do researching. So I tried these tips below to stay focused:

  • ٍStay away from distractions: these distractions may be a lot of undesirable books, or non useful chatting, etc.
  • Be firm when using phone: phone is double-edged sword. It may help you with your study or work, by using useful app. and controlling use time. As me I got some difficult to benefit from phone; So I put apps. that may distracted me in the disappear screen in my phone. I change lock screen to a stimulating image. When going to browse phone, I look to the lock screen, so I remember that I should go to achieve my dream!
  • Define your aims: the most important thing that help you to stay focus is to define your aims. Define what you need in the future. Drive your head aim by dividing it into small daily assignments. Set your next assignments before sleeping. Imagine how can you finish it tomorrow and what challenge will you face? Try to get the best solutions before tomorrow.

Step 3: Organize, Organize, Organize

As you can see from this step title, organizing is very important to quiet mind; and you should organize three items:

  • Organize around area: organize your room, desktop, bookshelf, and all things around you.
  • Organize your laptop: organize folders in your laptop. Put related files in one folders, and rename it by a fixed way.
  • Organize your thoughts: it means that knowing what you should do and what time to do it!! you can use some helpful tools like sticky notes, highlighter, or make it by your self!

Step 4: Learn New Skill

Learning new skill gives you the power to be effective. You can learn new language, or how to make a new craft, etc. It is not important what you will learn, BUT it is important to start. I decided to learn Turkish, it was simple to me for learning because I am Arabian. This urge me to improve English and learn new language.

Tip: If you are new in language learning, try to start with an easy one; such as, Turkish is very nearest to Arabic, So it was easy for my.

Step 5: Benefit From Spare Time

Yes, you can benefit from your spare time. Set time for watching good films. Documentary films may add new information to you. Stimulating films give you the power to continue your dream. You can also play mind games. Mind games is the game which train our minds to work. These games like chess and puzzles.

Step 6: Celebrate Your Progress :)

I have continued at this routine for 2 months. I have finished my college courses, and submitted all required researches. I have also progressed in my other courses. I learnt the basics of Turkish. I learnt how to code with python. And the big goal I have done is to publish my first instructable :)

I will continue, what about you!!

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