Introduction: Expandable Flat Notebook (of Any Size)

this instructable tries to solve the problems of most notebooks/journals/field notes:
1. there is no way to add single sheets.

2. there is no way to remove single sheets, but to tear them out.

3. you can not rearrange sheets.

4. most of the time you are carrying blank/used sheets with you (for example fieldnotes have 48 pages).

binders solve these issues, but make the book fat and large.
the 'midori traveller' has replaceable sheets, but reordering is difficult.

there are notebooks with erasable pages (for example 'rocketbook', 'wipebook', 'greenbook'), but require special pen/paper.

Step 1: Preparing the Sheets

cut some (8 for example) a4 sized pages to half.

fold back a 2-4cm wide area. a ruler may help. the hole is optional, just in case you want to put the sheets to a binder later on.

Step 2: Adding Sheets

one to the left, one to the right.

one to the left, one to the right.

one to the left, one to the right.


Step 3: Creating the Cover

actually you can create any hard cover.

in this example i made a simple cardboard cover.

be careful when determining the width of the middle area, the elastic band needs extra space.

Step 4: Adding the Elastic Band

Step 5: Putting the Sheets Into the Cover

as you can see adding, removing, rearranging sheets is easy as pie...