Introduction: Expandable Vinyl Record Display

This super simple expandable vinyl record rack is a 30 minute project. This is only a bare bones instructable working with the assumption that you have the tools and skills to safely complete the project. Enough intro let's get the the design and measurements!

Step 1: The Design

All pieces are cut exactly the same and can be done on any table saw. Because of the consistant nature of the racks they can be any length and additional racks can be added on the top or bottom as needed.

The racks are spaced 11 and 7/8th inch from the top of one to the bottom of the next rack. NOT on center

The cut holding the top of the records is made even by keeping the saw in the same position and rotating the wood stock. remove the remaining stock by adjusting the cut and flipping as nessasary. It took me 5 passes total.

The side supporting the bottom of the record is done with two passes one vertical and the other at 45. I did not move the position of the back stop I only flipped the stock and raised the blade a bit for the 45° cut but this might be different on your table saw.

The way I mounted mine was directly to a stud with a single screw at the center remember when drilling holes that studs are typically 16 inches apart
Another more discreet mounting idea would be a keyhole hanger but I could not find the hardware at my local store.

Customize your design and Happy building!