Introduction: Experiment With Lumi and Original Negatives (fail)

Last month we're selected to participate into Lumi night at Makespace Madrid. This instructable  summarizes a failed experiment. I decided to reuse old negatives to customize a shirt. This is the process.

Step 1: Materials

Natural fiber shirt, old negatives, scissors, Lumi product set, adhesive tape or other opaque material to the edge.

Step 2: Plan the Layout

I want to write the letters MKS (Makespace)

Step 3: Making Frame

There are many ways to do it, here are used adhesive tape. The framework helps the dye is on the inside of the letters.

Step 4: Apply Dye

Once finished the frame, apply the red dye evenly and without flooding.

Step 5: Remove Excess Dye

With a paper remove the excess dye to ensure product uniformity on the shirt.

Step 6: Place the Negatives

As interested as remaining stuck to the fabric may opt to fix them with sewing pins.

Step 7: Expose to Sunlight

The exposure time was between 40 minutes and one hour because the day was overcast (with full sun 10-12 minutes)

Step 8: Wash the Shirt

I washed the shirt to stop the process and... failed!!   Appears that the negatives have blocked UV rays and heave not printed the images. Nevertheless, I like the result and are looking forward to further customize clothes with Lumi, a great product very useful and easy to use