Introduction: Experimental Rocket Grill

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Greetings this is an experimental rocket grill.

My project is based on a similar rocket grill but the guy welded his

The difference is that I attached the chimney of mine differently. I also need to apologize for the lack of pictures. But I was impatient and wanted this build done.

Warning: this is an experiment if you reproduce this, it is at your own risk. I am not responsible for you voiding any warranty on the grill or charcoal chimney, setting fire to random miscellaneous items such as houses cars boats people, animals, plant matter. nicks and cuts from sharp metal, bacteria and flesh eating bacteria getting into said cuts, Viruses of any kind infecting those cuts. The melting of both the chimney and grill, burnt food and burnt non food items.

Step 1: Materials

1 baby round charcoal barbeque

1 charcoal chimney starter

Step 2: Tools (not All Shown)

left right and straight tin snips

combination square

Rubber band



needle nose pliers

safety glasses

Step 3: Step One: Preparing the Grill

Remove feet. from the grill.

Line up the top of the chimney with the bottom of the grill center.

Mark it if necessary (I had an indented circle that was very close to what I needed)

Step 4: Step Two: Preparing the Chimney.

1 use the rubber band on the top part of the chimney so that it is flat.

(one could just forgo using the rubber band and just mark it with a pen but I didn’t want to leave marks)

2 take the combination square and set it to about a half inch

3 slide the square around the top of the chimney and push down the rubber band so that its even

4 using the straight tin snips, make little cuts towards the rubber band probably a quarter to a half inch a part( I didn't measure mine but eyeballed it) you want the top to look like fringe when your done.

5 Take the needle nose pliers and bend out every other tab 90 degrees.

6 Slightly bend the tabs sticking up toward the middle maybe by 3 degrees to make fitting the chimney into the grill easier.

Step 5: Step Three: Cut a Hole in the Bottom of the Grill

Drill a hole maybe two (depending on the size of your bit) close to where you are going to start your cut use the left or right tin snips and cut your hole. (I cut mine a little small) Make it a snug fit for the chimney.

Step 6: Step Four: Insert the Top of the Chimney Into the Hole

Insert the top of the chimney into the hole (I had to trim it a couple of times for it to fit).

1 Make sure grill is snugly settled on the flanged out tabs.

2 Bend out the tabs that are sticking through the grill on the inside.

3 hammer tabs on both sides against the grill.

Step 7: Final Notes and Lessons Learned

Final Notes: This grill is seems easier to tip over since the legs are removed.

I tested it with sticks and I got the rocket sound and there was still a little smoke.

I have yet to test this thing with food yet.

Lesson one: Do not test with soggy wet paper logs unless you intend to practice sending smoke signals.

Lesson two: Leaf blowers are fun to use on smoking paper logs

Lesson three: I read some grilling tips after building this and realized that i half killed the ability to manage my grill temperature.

Lesson four: My dog likes to eat ashes. (I'm glad I hosed them down well)

Lesson five: Take more pictures in case I want to turn a project into an instructable( It makes trying to explain stuff a lot easier)

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