Introduction: Extend the Vice Jaws By,12,16,18,24,inch and So On

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with this you can hold any shape and length (as long as you have the sash clamp that measures)

its a great way to extend the bench vice jaws.

Step 1: What You Will Need

sash clamp

length of wood to match the length of the sash clamp

2 bits of scrap ply or any wood,(to match the size of the ends of the clamp)

and a bench vice

glue gun

Step 2: Fill in the Gap With Wood

once you have cut your length of wood that matches the same length of the clamp.

push it in the gap (you will know where i mean,as there is only one gap)

but before this just slide the end off the clamp.

once your wood fits nice and snug,replace the end.

Step 3: Glue the Scrap Wood

now taking the clamp as shown in the pic.

glue the scrap piece of not too thick wood, too both ends.

Step 4: Finish

now place in your bench vice.

close the vice.

and wala.

you can now vice any length of wood ,

i have 5 sash clamps and two are for this purpose.

its a great way to hold any shape and length of wood (as long as you have the sash clamp to measure),,