Introduction: Extension Cord Storage Loops

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Hi Gang:

Here is a way to store extension cords and also ropes quickly on smaller hooks. I used to use long pegboard hooks to hang my cords on. It didn't take much of a cord to start overloading the pegboard hooks.

Step 1: Lucky Find!

So I was checking out a fabric store that had closed. They had thrown out the Zipper display cabinet. It had a dozen of these really neat wire hook sets. I hesitate to mention them, since I've only been so luck once. But the next step will work with any hooks.

Step 2: Hanging Loops

So take about 2 foot of any rope and tie it into a loop. I like a bowling knot, but a square knot would work too.

While you are on a roll make up several. Store these on an empty hook.

Step 3: Looping a Cord

Lay your wound up cord over the rope loop.

Step 4: Close the Loop

Put one end of the loop through the other end of the loop. Now you have the cord contained with a loop that can hang most anywhere. You can even carry the cord with the loop on to your work site.

Step 5: All Done, Time to Clean Up.

So mount some hooks on the wall, tie some loops and get all your cords organized!

Step 6: Getting to Your Cords.

So when you need a cord, just lift the cord you want and lift the loop off the hook. Your cord will be free to drop into your hands.

Good luck with this.
As Always, Please Be Careful!