Introduction: Extra Easy Dilled Lemon Garlic Salt

This week I’m in the mood to keep things really simple.  To that end here is a very easy yet extraordinarily versatile seasoning; the combination of dill, lemon, garlic and salt can be used to flavor fish, chicken, eggs, popcorn and even cocktails.

Step 1: You'll Need

1 garlic clove
2 lemons
1 tablespoon fresh dill
5 tablespoons kosher or table salt

Equipment:  Microplane Zester, jar with a lid, a couple of small plates and ramekins, paper towels, toothpicks or a chopstick and a microwave oven.

Step 2: Easily Peel Garlic

Bonus technique:  to easily peel a garlic clove.  Take 2 small ceramic or metal ramekins that can rest on top of one another.  Place the clove inside one of the ramekins, put the other on top and shake  for 20-30 seconds.  Either the peel will come off completely or it will loosen very easily.

Step 3: Zest Garlic

With the Microplane zester, grate the garlic onto a small plate.

Step 4: Nuke the Garlic

Microwave the garlic for 15 seconds.  If it is still moist after the first go round, give it a little stir with a toothpick.  Microwave it again for another 10-20 seconds.  Rub a little salt in with a toothpick if the garlic is clumping. Be very careful to avoid burning it; otherwise, it becomes bitter. Immediately scrape it off the plate and put it into the jar.

Step 5: Zest and Dry Lemon Rind

Rinse and dry the lemons.  Again using the zester, grate the lemon rind onto another small plate.  Avoid cutting into the bitter pith beneath the rind.  If the lemon rind is sticking together, take a little of the salt and spread it into the clumps with a toothpick.
Microwave the lemon rind for 10-15 seconds.   It will dry quickly, but spread it around a little with the toothpick then nuke again quickly if necessary; place it into the jar. 

Step 6: Dry the Dill

Spread the dill on a paper towel. Microwave  the dill on high for 10 seconds.  Some of the dill will turn a little darker color and become feathery and light; just remove any dry dill and repeat microwaving in 10 second intervals until all the dill is dried.   Put the dried dill into the jar.

Step 7: Extra Easy Dilled Lemon Garlic Salt

Add the salt to the jar. Give the jar a shake and allow to sit at room temperature for a hour before using. Since there are no preservatives, use it up within a couple of weeks.