Introduction: Extra Strength Duct Tape Wallet

My way of making quite sturdy wallets out of duct tape. They look good too.
Warning! It's a good bit harder to make these than the normal sheet made ones.

Helps to have something smooth and clean to make it on.

Step 1: Make the Templates

1. Find a good sized piece of cardboard or a plastic sign.
2. Cut 3 rectangles out of it measuring 9in x 3.5in, 2.75in x 3.5in, and 2.25in x 3.5in.

Step 2: Make the Main Pouch

1. Rip off a strip of duct tape at least 20in long.
2. Wrap it sticky side out long-wise around the bottom edge of the 9in x 3.5in rectangle.
3. Rip off a 9 inch log strip and seal the bottom edge by placing it sticky side out half way over the edge and folding it over to the other side.
4. Repeat step 2 to make the top part of the pouch.

Step 3: Make the Side Pockets

1. Using the 2.75in x 3.5in template, make two more pouches for the side pockets.

Step 4: Attach the Pockets

1. Place a strip stickyside in along the bottom edge of the main pouch folded over onto both sides.
2. Place the pockets on each side opening inward.

Step 5: Cover It Up

1. Rip off two 4in long strips and cover the are between the two pockets, with the ends going into the pockets.
2. Rip off two 2.75in long strips and rip them in half lengthwise. Put these on the top and bottom edges of the pockets folded over to cover the sticky edges.
3. Rip off a 3.5in long strip and rip it in half lengthwise. Place these on the inside edges of the pockets without hanging over OR leaving any of the edge stickiness exposed.
4. Rip off a strip about 14in long and place it on the bottom edge back of the main pouch centered, so it can be folded over at the edges and cover the face of the pockets. Do the same for the top edge.

Almost done!

Step 6: Card Holder

1. Rip off a 5 in long strip of tape and wrap it around the 2.25in x 3.5in rectangle.
2. Rip off another 5in long piece and place it against one side of the first one coveing all of that side.
3. Place the whole thing a half inch down from top edge centered inside of the main pocket.

Step 7: Mold the Folds

1. Fold one side of the wallet over to the middle.
2. Fold the other side onto the middle.
3. Press it down with some books or something.

Step 8: Done!

You're all done! Stuff it full of your monetary items and enjoy.