Introduction: Extract FREE Silver From Relay Contacts | Where to Find Them?

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Ben Builds instructable!

In this instructable, I will be giving you some information on where to find and how to extract silver relay contacts.

And yes, most relays do use varying amounts of real silver on their relay contacts to reduce the resistance between the contacts when the relay is in the closed position.

Most relay contacts are between 30 and 50% silver by weight so if you've got a bunch of relays that you have access to, this could be a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Ok then, lets get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

On the video I go over all of the steps in this instructable in detail and with moving pictures!

It'll probably help if you watch the above video before proceeding.

If not, just keep reading on, all the info you need is included in the instructable.

Step 2: How Do I Find Relays in Their Natural Habitat?

Pictured are some relays located on circuit boards.

Generally, relays come in small, black, plastic boxes and have a coil voltage written on them, either 5v or 12v usually.

Some relays come in clear plastic cases like the ones pictured above, but regardless of how they come, you will need to get them off of the board.

I like using a hammer :)

Step 3: Locate, Remove and Now Smash!

Once you find a relay and have extracted it, you will need to gain access to the inner frame.

The inner frame has many parts, labeled in the above picture. What we are looking for are the contacts, one you have them located, move on to the next step.

Step 4: With the Smashing Done, It's Time to Pry!

Now that you have the frame exposed, locate the small silvery (duh) bead and cut it off or bend it off with wire cutters or pliers!

Step 5: Stash the Silver!

When you're done cutting off the small silvery beads, put them in a jar and save them until you have amassed ~2 lbs. This should be the right about to make a 1 pound bar of silver.

Step 6: Part 2...

I am currently in the process of gathering the required silver to make a 1lb bar, so the next steps of using acid to dissolve and precipitate the silver will be coming out soon!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next Instructable!


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