Introduction: Extreme Bedroom Makeover

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This is my very first DIY extreme bedroom makeover and I can tell you, it will not be my last! This entire makeover cost under $500 and took me 6 outfit changes (in reality it was a couple weeks from start to finish, as I was working on a painting, renovating our bathroom at home, and editing half a dozen other videos).

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Black Frames:
Buffalo Plaid Toss Cushion:
Paint: walls- Para Cloud White, floor- Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey
German Schmear Mortar:

Step 1: BEFORE

This was a makeover of a basement bedroom at my parents house. It was my brothers old room until he moved out and then it slowly became a storage space. We cleared everything out and donated, sold, and re-organized everything in the room.

Step 2: AFTER

We brightened up the room by painting the walls white and the floor a light grey. We re-vamped the red brick with something brighter using the German Schmear technique. We replaced the bedroom furniture with other bedroom furniture that we already had and added some cute wall decor. Our goal was to turn this drab room into a cozy, bright, welcoming guest room with a Canadiana feel for under $500, and thats exactly what we did! :D