Introduction: Extremely Flexible Support for Cpap Hose

For those who sleep with a hose connected to their nose…

Step 1: What You Need

Pvc-pipe, dowels, bicycle wheel, hot glue, drill, table saw, dremel, hot air gun, clamps and same wood scraps.

Step 2: Cut the Tube

I used a 1" pvc-tube, which fits my hose perfectly.

The only other material needed are dowels, a piece of board to the stand and some 2x2 scraps.

Calculate the length of pipe you need, height + arc, and compare to the hose length;

you will need some slack to mount it.

Cut it and drill a small hole near the end.

Mark the distance to be cut open.

Step 3: Fix the Pipe

Screw the pipe end to a stud and fix the rest of the pipe to be cut with hot glue at a few points to keep it straight.

Step 4: Cut the Part of Pipe to Be Open

Split the pipe; the remaining part must be more than half in order to hold the hose securely in place.

Use a sharp blade and cut slowly to the mark.

Step 5: Remove the Waste

Carefully cut off the waste, and be sure not to leave any marks on the sides, to avoid future cracks.

Sand the sides even.

Step 6: Round the End of the Channel

The transition from tube to channel is the tender point, so make it smooth with no dents for cracks to start.

Step 7: Fix the Wheel

Clamp or screw two scraps to hold the wheel upright, and clamp them to a table or trestles.

Step 8: Bending

Fix the pipe to the wheel with a small clamp and a piece of dowel in between.

Heat a bit of pipe with the hot air gun until it softens and press it down with another dowel.

After some cooling, move the pipe a bit and repeat until you reach the end of the groove.

Step 9: The Stand

Cut a piece of board that suits your bedside table,

glue a dowel to it with nice fitting to the pipe end, and press the pipe in place.

If you live in more than one place, make another stand and pipe support, to avoid transport problems,

or make the support in two pieces, with a joint a small distance under the channel.

Step 10: Mount the Hose

With your machine on the stand, place the hose in the channel and connect it.

Attach the nose-part, and you are now ready to enjoy the freedom to move and turn in bed without hassle.

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