Eye Glasses Wall Hanger




Introduction: Eye Glasses Wall Hanger

while rebuilding my house , i have time to recycle some of the leftover materials. I hate to trash good scraps. I have made all sorts of hangers and holders out of house electrical wire. My latest idea has been very useful around the house.

Step 1: The Design

this hanger for eye glasses works well because of its . . .

1. simple design & easily made

2. recycle electrical wire scrap materials

3. keeps a space between all hanging glasses

4. plastic coated wire wont scratch the glasses

5. can mount eye glass hanger on any wall or flat surface

6. flexable wire will give a little if glasses are pulled off the hanger to quickly

Step 2: Matierals Needed

19 inches of 14 gauge house wire

needle nose pliers

2 screws

Step 3: Shape the Wire Like This

Shape the wire like so using the needle nose plyers . Begin by bending a tight circle notch for left screw , then proceed to make 4 square like hanger loops. Make a final tight circle notch for the right screw and cut off any excess wire at the end , attach the wire to a flat wall surface using 2 screws.

Step 4: Flex and Adjust the Wire Into Position

Push the 4 wire loops upward to 45 degrees away from the wall.

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    5 years ago

    I might use this for my safety goggles, since I have quite a bit and have been wondering how to store them. Thanks!

    triSquare Tek
    triSquare Tek

    Reply 5 years ago

    like you , i have sun glasses and work goggles too. I have placed these eye glass hangers in my tool shed , on a wall near the house entry door and 3 hangers on the backside of my room closet door. i hope you find this item as useful as i have.


    5 years ago

    That's an awesome simple solution :)