Introduction: Eye Tower

This is how to make a eye tower from one of my favorite movies. It’s a cool design that you can use during the holidays or just to be a movie fan and make your home look cool. Are you need is just to boxes that you probably have from Amazon, one coat hanger, a balloon to make papier-mâché out of. :)

Step 1: Paper Macheing a Balloon

Here, we step up to our project.

1. Get a good sized round balloon blow it up.

2. There is many ways to make the batter for the paper mache ingredients, I recommend flour but you can do it with glue.

3. There you go! Easy as that, you made your first layer. Come back in one day or more and see if it dried than put 1 or 2 more layers on till you get a nice hard balloon

4. If there are hard bumps on the ball squish them down with your thumb, It just makes it easier to paint.

Step 2: Making the Tower

1. Knowing the average amazon shopper, chances are you have a couple small boxes around. Remove all the tape on the box.

2. Get some tape that isn't shiny, like paper-like tape. Tape up ALL the flaps ensuring all of the flaps are firmly pressed against the box.

3. Great job!

Step 3: Spray Paint

1. Spray painting is tricky, never let it build up and drip on the box or eye.

2. Get black spray paint, and your two boxes that you taped up. Grab an old pillow or something you don't care about to be painted. Then a brick to make sure it off of its surface.

3. Shake the can up! :)

4. Then put your first coat on paint, then let dry, then repeat till you like how it turned out.


1. Same thing, Spray painting is tricky, never let it build up and drip on the eye.

2. Use red spray paint, and the same surface. Shake it up!

3. Then put your first coat on paint, then let dry, then repeat till you like how it turned out.

Step 4: Putting the Eye on the Tower

1. After letting those boxes and the balloon most likely its dried in under one day.

2. Get an old coat hanger and get some wire cutters, cut two straight wires both 13 inches

Step 5: Attaching the Wires to Hold the Eye

1. Once you have the wires cut, you will attach the wires thoughtout the bottom layer of the balloon do not pull through the top layer!

2. Take them out.

3. Then poke the box equal lengths from the sides. And push down until you feel it went a little into the cardboard box

4. Put the ball on the top, understand it might not stay up by itself until you do future steps. Take it off, don't worry about it.

Step 6: Painting the Eye

1. Get black acrylic paint, and draw the eye as shown in the picture.

2. Then let dry.

3. In your tray that as paint, put some more black in and mix some gold in with it, until you get a nice dark gold.

4. Go around the black oval, until you think that it is good enough to look good. Atleast 1 or 2 inches outward from the oval.

Step 7: Cutting the Arches

1. On another box more longer than your small boxes, take off all the tape.

2. The top flaps when you open a box, cut them off. Not the ones underneath.

3. Once, you cut them off. Take about 2 inches off so you have about 10 inches still there, or longer or shorter depending on how tall you want the arches to be.

Step 8: Part 2 of Making Arches

1. Then with a marker design it something like what I made above in the pictures.

2. Cut out your shape you made.

3. After cutting it out, take gold spray paint and cover it as best as you can with out making it drip. Let dry.

4. After, dry make random swaying motions and make it look spooky! Don't cover the gold up in some areas.

Step 9: Attaching the Arches

1: Use hot glue to attach the arches to the tower. Let harden.

2. After hard, bend the arches so when you attach the ball it has room to adjust

Step 10: Putting It Together

Put the eye on the tower, through the holes you already put there. Then adjust it too what angle and way it is looking at :)

Step 11: Optional: Glueing Boxes

You can glue the boxes according to what I have done above. By hot glueing the two boxes where you have them stacked.

And your done! Enjoy! :)
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