Introduction: Ez-Pz Creme Brulee

1. Ice cream (1 cup)

2. Egg yolk (1)

3. Sugar


1. Pan

2. Spatula

3. Bowls

4. Ramekin

Step 1: Melt the Ice Cream

You can melt the ice cream in any way you would like, it doesn't make much of a difference. I used the pan, but any other way is fine.

We use ice cream because ice cream contains the components that are in a regular creme brulee

Step 2: Whisk the Egg Yolk With the Ice Cream

Use a fork and not a whisk. We do not want air bubbles.

Step 3: Use a Fine Sieve to Strain Out the Large Air Bubbles

Use a sieve that is closely knitted, if there are anymore air bubbles, either strain again or tap the bowl on the table.

Step 4: Cook the Custard

★Steaming in steamer - Steam for 20min or until custard is stable

★Oven baking - Place ramekin in a pan of water, heat at 120˚C for 45 minutes

★Steaming on pan - Pour water in the pan, place ramekin in the water

Step 5: Caramelise Sugar

Start the fire and wait until sugar melts, if the sugar is white, melt until brown. Do not burn the sugar. Stir when melted to prevent burning of sugar

Step 6: Pour Sugar on Creme Brulee

After melted, move quick! Pour the sugar on the custard. The sugar should be boiling on the custard.

Step 7: Chill Custard

Chill custard and enjoy :)

This is not the best creme brulee, but it tastes quite similar and it is easy to make.

Usually, creme brulee is made with vanilla ice cream. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, I cannot buy vanilla ice cream, I only had chocolate :(