Ezio Auditore Smartphone Case

Introduction: Ezio Auditore Smartphone Case

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I finished Black Flag and was kinda obsessed with AC, so I decided to make phone case. I had white leather and red wool so I got inspiration from Ezio Auditore's clothes.

Things you'll need:
- red wool
- white leather
- thread and needle
- scissors
- glue
- pen
- ruler


Just follow these steps and my photos ;)

- design and measure a pattern according to your phone
- cut it
- make holes for stitching and hole for headphones
- sew it together
- turn it inside out
- sew the cape 
- glue some leather stripes on it (this part is important, because it will hold a "closed" shape of the cape)
- meanwhile you can paint some assassin insignia on it
- add red stripe
- insert your phone

aaaand you're done!

Hope you like it ;)

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