Introduction: F-102 Origami Plane

I was browsing through an online origami site, and found a model that was a real pain to fold properly, yet looks pretty cool. All credit for design of model goes to Michael LaFosse here.

Step 1:

Start with a blank sheet of origami paper.

Step 2:

Flip to the blank side.

Step 3:

Fold in half.

Step 4:

Fold in half again.

Step 5:

Fold one corner to the center.

Step 6:

Fold that same corner to the crease you just made.

Step 7:

Now fold that second crease so that it is on top of the first.

Step 8:

Fold one side to the tip of your triangle, should now look like a long rectanglish thing.

Step 9:

Do the same for the other side.

Step 10:

Fold the corners up.

Step 11:

Tuck them inside.

Step 12:

Fold in half.

Step 13:

Move it so that the flat part is facing away from you while the thicker side is on your left.

Step 14:

Fold this in half. If you messed up at all, there should be something wrong in this step, go back and fix your step 9.

Step 15:


Step 16:

Fold the thicker side to the center.

Step 17:

Open up that fold and squish it flat.

Step 18:


Step 19:

Fold the long side to the center.

Step 20:

Squish the bug flap down.

Step 21:

Fold one side to the center.

Step 22:

Do the same for the other side.

Step 23:

Tuck in one side.

Step 24:

Do the same for the other.

Step 25:


Step 26:

Sorry, as I will say in a latter post, camera happened. Fold the triangle that was hanging down up, this should be the same for this step, even though the picture is from a latter point.

P.S: Again, sorry guys.

Step 27:

Notice the pencil mark? There should be a fold there, this is going to be the target of the next few folds (Tricky Part).

Step 28:

Fold one side out so that the long end has no folds, but the op touches that crease.

Step 29:

Do the same for the other side.

Step 30:

Step 31:


Step 32:

WTF happened, you may ask. My camera happened, I could not find the pictures I took of  folding those pieces in. You should fold the two outside flaps to the center, than tuck them under the top most piece.

Step 33:


Step 34:

Fold the hanging triangle up.

Step 35:

Rotate to the left.

Step 36:

Fold in half.

Step 37:

OK, this part is the hardest part of it all, folding the larger section inside. Look at the note in the picture.

Step 38:

Step 39:

For flat bottom

Step 40:

Step 41:


Step 42:

Now it's flat! YAY!!!!

Step 43:

Here is your finished plane, it can fly, but is more of a model than anything else.