Introduction: FMStation / Arduino Panel Rack System 1.0

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Tired of making an enclosure for every project?

This will make your project stunning and look professional.

The "FMStation" is like a PC case standards for micro boards.

You can add your own panels for specific platforms.

This project still in progress. I will add more popular platforms.

It is designed to print without support, there are no brigdes as well.

Step 1: Watch the Instruction Video

It's easy to build.

Download model files from Thingiverse.

You will need

- 8 x M3 bolts & nuts to build the frame.

- 4 x M3 bolts & nuts to build each panel.

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Step 2: Build Frame and Attach Panels

Build Frame
  1. Prepare open or closed top and bottom plates.
  2. Attach 4 posts to bottom plates. You need to insert two m3 nuts for each post.
  3. Place a top plate.

Build an Arduino Uno Panel

  1. Prepare Arduino Uno panel set.
  2. Attach a guide to the panel
  3. Insert Arduino Uno board to panel guide.
  4. Use a cable tie to fix a board to panel. (It's better use cable ties cause holes in Arduino Uno board has interferences with parts.)
  5. Attach the panel to the frame.

Build an LCD Panel

  1. Prepare a LCD panel.
  2. Attach LCD to the panel with m3 bolts and nuts.
  3. Attach the panel to the frame.

Other panel systems can be built with same process.

Tolerable design makes easy to build and do not need an post process for printed parts.