FPV-Rover V2.0 - Remix

Introduction: FPV-Rover V2.0 - Remix

This is my remix version of the FPV-Rover 2.0 from markus.purtz.
Here is his work:



I have changed the following things:

-inner_frame_left and inner_frame_right:
I deleted the venting openings. These pieces are now much sturdier.

-motor mount:
Changed to fit the hole pattern of my Maxon Motors (EC-i40 motor 473023).

Changed to fit the 6mm shaft diameter of my Maxon Motors (EC-i40 motor 473023).

-FPV camera setup:
It's now more integrated in to the main bodys design. It's still able to tilt but I got rid of the LED-light.

-body_top_lid + gps_mounting_bracket:
I made a small pocket for my M8Q GPS receiver and a bracket to easily mount it with two M3x8mm screws.

And here you can get the my files:



Massiv thanks again to markus.purtz for the step-files of the FPV_Rover V2.0.

Step 1: Parts to Print

Find all parts you need on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3954729

or on PrusaPrinters https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/15978-fpv-rov...

Original parts:

2x main cog front

2x main cog rear

8x small cog

2x outer frame

2x big bevel gear

64x tank track

64x rubber track for tank track

changed parts:

1x body (needs support)

1x body front cover (needs support)

1x body rear cover

1x body top lid

2x small bevel gear

2x motor mounting bracket

1x inner frame left

1x inner frame right

1x fpv camera mount

1x fpv camera mount bushing

1 x GPS mounting bracket

1 x servo mount

2 x sma clamp

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Use the BOM-list from this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/FPV-Rover-V20/ and add the following:


- 1 x FPV Camera RunCam Nano 2, Foxeer Micro and other cameras with 19mm width should fit too
- 1 x connection cable to the FPV camera (1.25 female to 1.25 male)
- 2 x EC-Motor ECI Ø40×57mm Maxon Motors, other motors will work too if you use the original motor mount
- 1 x flight controller omnibus F4 nano
- 1 x 4in1 ESC Ori32 25A
- 1 x MG90S 9g servo
- 1 x Matek systems M8Q GPS & QMC5883L compasses module


- 8 x bearings 6802zz (24x15x5) (for main cogs)
- 16 x bearings 688zz (16x8x5) (for small cogs)
- 20 x magnets 4mmx2mm


2x M3x8mm for the GPS mounting bracket
4x M2x16mm to mount flight controller and 4in1 ESC
4x M2 spacer to mount the flight controller and 4in1 ESC

128x M3x14mm cap head screws (to mount the tank tracks together)
8x M3x8mm countersunk screws (motor mounting bracket to frame)
8x M3x10mm button head screws (to mount the motor to the motor mounting bracket and the big bevel gear to the rear main cog)
16x M3 nuts
12x M3x50mm cap head screws (to mount everything together)

2x M2x6mm cap head screw (to mount the small bevel gear to the motor shaft)
2x M2 nuts (to mount the small bevel gear to the motor shaft)
4x M2x6mm cap head screw (to mount the front camera)

Step 3: Mount

Mount everything according to the Steps 3-9 from https://www.instructables.com/id/FPV-Rover-V20/

Exept the top cover / top lid is different.

Step 4: Setup Software

information comming

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Has anyone considered or tried M3 Nylon screws for the tracks? I see that M3x15 are readily available in nylon.


    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    Great looking project. I'm in the process of printing out the parts and I noticed you have only just posted this project, so my question may be premature. However, what software are you looking at using? Are you going to create software yourself? It seems like an F4 processor would be overkill for this unless you have bigger plans? I'm highly interested in what software to use?


    Answer 2 years ago

    Hi there, yes I'm still trying to work out the software side of the project. I'm working with Ardupilot as software that's why I have choosen to use the F4 flight controller. I have got the skid steering and RC-control working. Still need to figure out GPS, Telemetry and Servo control. But it should all be doable with Ardupilot. The 3d designs are all finale and work great.