Fabric Wall Decor

Introduction: Fabric Wall Decor

Hi! I'm Maverick12 and I'm a craft addict.

I've been looking for simple and affordable crafts that I can use to decorate my house. I've seen these in a couple places online and decided to try it. I actually love the idea because if I wanted to - I could change it up per season for holidays.

I hope you enjoy this simple craft.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

- Fabric with a pattern you like

- Picture Frame you like (ensure that it has a back and a piece of cardboard used to hold the picture in place

- scissors

- tape

Some notes: I found my fabric on the clearance rack at my local store. I'm also doing three frames overall. I over-bought for my three frames (all 8x10). I originally got 3/4 of a yard, but I didn't need that much. I also found my frames at Goodwill. Since I'm using the same fabric in all of my frames, I decided to do different frames for each one to mix it up a bit. Also - I don't own good fabric scissors. They are much sharper than normal. I wish I did, but my regular ones seemed to work fine with the fabric I chose.

Step 2: Set Up the Frame

First - remove the cardboard from the frame. You are going to wrap the fabric around the cardboard.

Lay the cardboard out on the fabric. I left around 3/4" of inch on each side.

Step 3: Wrap the Fabric

Next - wrap the fabric around the cardboard. I'm using packaging tape. It doesn't hold extremely well - but well enough especially in the frame. But on the plus side it makes it a lot easier if you ever wanted to change out the fabric for an update.

Place the wrapped cardboard back into the frame and close up like normal.

Hang and enjoy!

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