Introduction: Simple Face Mask Carry Case

If you've been wearing a disposable face mask indoors, and want to take it off for re-use later, then wrapping it up in a piece of paper like this will avoid contamination of your pockets or bag while also prolonging the life of the mask.


1 piece of A4 paper or card
Surgical type disposable face mask

Step 1: Cut Paper to Size

Cut a piece of paper or card slightly larger than the mask. If using A4 or similar size paper, folding into thirds and cutting conveniently yields something about the right size.

Step 2: Folding

Fold the paper in half and place the folded mask inside.

Then fold into thirds along the length of the mask. The elastic should be sticking out of the end.

Step 3: Position Elastic

Cut a small way along the folds on one side and pull the elastic through as shown.

Step 4: Secure

Double back the ear straps to fix everything together and you're good to go!

Take care not to touch anything to the inside surface after a worn mask has been in it.

The design could be made more robust by using a slightly wider strip of paper, or by using thin card.

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