Introduction: Face Mask With Pipe Cleaner & Coffee Filter

An easy to make Face Mask


  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Removable and Replaceable Coffee Filter Insert
  • Removable and Replaceable Pipe Cleaner Nose Piece



  • 2 x 12" by 7" Swaths of Cotton cloth
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Coffee Filter
  • 2 x Safety Pins
  • 2 x 1 Foot 1/4" Elastic


  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Tailors Chalk, Chalk or a water-soluble marker
  • Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut Cloth

Carefully measure out a swath of 12" x 7" cotton material. Note that you need 2 of these, so if you can pin two pieces back-to-back and cut them both out at once, they will be the same size and shape to save on cutting and trimming.

Use the ruler and chalk to mark the cuts, and take your time cutting.

Use the chalk to mark the completely arbitrary top of both pieces so they can be matched up later.

Step 2: Nose Pocket

The nose pocket allows the removable and replaceable coffee filter (AKA the coughy filter) and is the basis for the pipe cleaner nose piece.

Take one of the pieces and turn it over so the dull side is up and fold over a 1-inch section of the bright side. Pin this in place.

Measure in 4.5 inches in from either end and mark with chalk.

Repeat for the second piece.

Sew between the two chalk marks on one piece at a time. This will be the nose pocket used for the coffee filter and the Pipe Cleaner so we don't want to sew the two pieces together just yet.

Step 3: Top Seam

Align both swatches top-up, bright side out and pin together.

Sew across the top aligned with the nose pocket seam. Stop when you meet the Nose Pocket stitch. DO NOT SEW OVER THE NOSE POCKET STITCH.

Step 4: Bottom Seam

Tuck in approximately 1/4 inch of the bottom end of both pieces and pin together. Sew across the bottom.

Remember the top has the nose pocket.

Step 5: Sides

Now is the time to pick which side will be the Front and visible part of the mask!
Mark that with Chalk, Front and Back.

On the BACK side, fold over 1/4 inch and sew closed on both ends.

(Chalk in photo added to clarity)

Then fold the end a second time, towards the back, 1 inch. Sew just to the outside of the first seam.

Step 6: Nose Piece Channel

Sew from each side starting at the side stitch to the edge of the nose stitch, 1/2 inch down from the top stitch.

DO NOT SEW OVER THE NOSE HOLE. Stop when even with the Nose Stitch.

DO NOT START AT THE EDGE, you will sew over the elastic pouch. See Photo.

Step 7: Ear Loops

Take 7 inches of Pipe Cleaner and folder over about 1/4 inch on each end. Pipe cleaner ends are sharp and will snag on the fabric.

Use the pipe cleaner to push the elastic through the pockets we created at each end. Use a safety pin to fasten the ends together (Play with this for size..the safety pin makes it adjustable!). Once you have the correct size, slide the safety pin into the side pocket so it's out of the way.

Save the pipe cleaner for later.

Step 8: Coffee Filter

This is to help prevent your coughs, sneezes or other mist from escaping the mask.

Flatten a #2 coffee filter, cut off the ends to fit the width of the masks' inner seam then fold the two sides in so the whole thing is small enough to get in the nose hole. Insert into the mask and gently unfold the filter inside.

Step 9: Nose Piece - Final Step!

Use the Pipe Cleaner from the Ear Loops step - remember to fold about 1/4 inch each end of the pipe cleaner over, or the sharp end will snag on the cloth. Insert into the nose hole and in between the two top stitches.

Put the mask on and bend the pipe cleaner over your nose!

You look Marvelous!