Introduction: Face Shield

These are the instructions to assemble the face shields. All that you need is a stapler and scissors

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Step 1: Peel Film

Peel plastic film from both sides of plastic sheet.

Step 2: Trim

Trim plastic sheet, according to picture above.

Step 3: Prep Foam

Peel adhesive backing from foam.

Make sure that the adhesive backing comes off of the ovals, as you will have to peel those separately.

Note: While pictures may have oval cutouts removed from foam, it is recommended to leave those in place!

Step 4: Stick Foam

Stick foam along the side with the uncut corners. Try to center it as best as possible.

Use picture above as guide.

Step 5: Staple Part 1

Line elastic up with foam, with the loose end going away from the shield. Place the end that will be stapled approx 1/4 inch away from foam strip.

Place 2 horizontal staples, and 1 vertical. Use pictures above as guide.

Step 6: Staple Part 2

Take loose end, and staple the same way as you did for the first end.

This part is a little tricky, so make sure that the elastic looks the same as it does in the pictures above.