Introduction: Face Shield

A face shield is a piece of equipment worn over the face that protects the user from inhaling germs and bacteria. During the current pandemic, the use of face masks have been enforced. Face shields are a great alternative to face masks. You can even use both together for extra protection. The difference between face shields and face masks are that face shields cover the full length of the users face and also do not directly touch the face. This makes for a more comfortable wear for the user while still being able to protect them.

The key features to this project are the headpiece and the shield. The headpiece is made out of sponge and a headband for comfort and the shield is made of a clear plastic paper cover that is see through. This shield is a universal size thanks to the stretchy headband. It is also is able to be cleaned with disinfecting wipes and reused. This is an easy DIY face shield that anyone can make at home!


The supplies used to create this face shield are a headband, a sponge, a clear paper cover, and velcro. Also, you will need a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Creating the Headpiece

  1. Cut the sponge in half or to the width of the headband you use. Put the sponge pieces together into a strip and make sure it is long enough to cover your forehead. If needed, cut and use another sponge.
  2. Hot glue the sponge pieces into a strip.
  3. Hot glue the sponge strip, soft side down, onto the headband.
  4. Cut a strip of velcro to the length of the sponge strip including the sides. Hot glue the velcro onto the rough side of the sponge. Make sure to cover the sides of the sponge with velcro too.

Step 2: Creating the Shield

  1. Take a plastic paper cover shield and turn it sideways. Make sure it covers the front and sides of the strip of sponge created for the head piece. Also, make sure it covers the length of your face. If needed, use multiple plastic paper cover shields for length or width. Also, if it is too big, use scissors to cut the shield down to the length you need.
  2. Hot glue the other velcro strip to the width of the shield on the top.

Step 3: Assembly

  • Attatch the headpiece and shield together with the velcro pieces.

Step 4: Cautions

  • During set-up, make sure to plug in the hot glue gun about 5 minutes before you use it so it can warm up.
  • When gluing the materials together, make sure to let the glue dry before moving on. We do not want the materials moving after being glued.
  • When using the face shield, make sure to have it centered on your face so that it protects and covers your facial area.

Step 5: Maintenance and Storage

  • Cleaning after each use is a must for this shield to be reusable. Using disinfectant wipes or spray will kill the bacteria and germs so the shield is clean and ready to be used again.
  • If anything starts to come apart, you can touch it up with more hot glue.
  • The shield is made of flexible materials so this can be stored anywhere.

Step 6: Purchasing Parts

The materials I used were found in my house, but if you do not have these mateials, here is where you can get them.

Also, for tools if you do not have a hot glue gun or scissors at home, here is where you can get them.