Introduction: Face Shield Against COVID With Laminator or Hair Straightener

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Hi !

Given the large amount of requests to provide everyone with protection hardware, here is a simple and quick method to make face shield, with no 3D printer needed!
They are certainly less solid and are not suitable for activity that require a lot of movement (nurse, firefighter, police). However, they will be a perfect solution for pharmacy or store staff. This visor can also serve you personally as well as to your loved ones!

All means are good to avoid the proliferation of the virus!


Tools :

  • laminator (or an hair straightener :)
  • Paper cutter
  • hole punch
  • stapler

Supplies :

  • Laminating pouches
  • Paper (180g at least)
  • Transparent plastic sheet (like for overhead projector)
  • Staples
  • Paper clip
  • Rubber band

Step 1: Cut Paper Strips

Take your paper and cut it lengthwise into a strip about 1 inch width (26mm).

You can print a pattern beforehand to add color!

Step 2: Place the Strips

Place these strips in the laminating pouch. Space them about 4mm upside down !

Step 3: Pass Trough the Laminator

Cover and pass the pouch through the laminator. When it comes out on the other side, bend the pouch to round it. You will end up with a kind of halfpipe.

Step 4: Front Strip

Do the same operations from step 1 to 4 but with shorter bands. They should be a little wider than the visor, about 25cm.

Step 5: Cut the Plastic Strips

Cut the strips, keeping 2mm of plastic around the paper.

Step 6: Assemble the Two Strips

Make a hole with the hole punch through the 2 strips 5cm from the edge of the lower strip. Pass the Parisian fastener and tighten all with pliers.

If you don't have fasteners, you can directly staple at the same distance. Allow a slight angle to compensate for the curvature of the forehead and have a very vertical visor

Step 7: Put a Rubber Band

Punch two holes on either side of the lower strip and pass a rubber band through it!

Step 8: Attach the Visor

Take your transparent plastic sheet and attach it to the front strip with paper clips (3 or 4 are enough)

Et Voilà !!!

Do not hesitate to share this Instructable in order to get everyone be better protected


Step 9: Bonus : With the Hair Straightener !

You don't have a laminator! No worries, a hair straightener also does the job very well, except that you can only laminate the strips one by one ...

Heat the straightening iron to around 100 ° C.

Cut out the laminating pouch. It must be short enough to pass between the heating plates. Put a strip of paper in it and slowly pass them through the straightening iron.