Introduction: Five Minute Face Shield - DIY PPE

I see others have similar ideas. This one is different because it provides full coverage for your face up to and above the hairline. The basic idea is Two folds, One Cut, and One piece of tape.

The result is easier to see thru than the picture shows. It will depend on what you choose to work with but it's quick, easy, cheap, & effective to make this face shield. I just don't take good selfies with a face shield on LOL

I read that our medical heroes are making face masks out of office supplies. Having a nurse and a firefighter in the family (go Amy & Jeremy!) as well as others working in restaurants (go Arika!) I would like THEM to get the real PPE.

So I thought I could DIY something to protect me from someone sneezing in my face (jerks are deliberately doing this cause to them this is all a big joke - not to wish bad on anyone but if they end up as statistics, well - karma's a bitch dude)

The pictures are not the best, but with the descriptions and diagrams you should be able to figure it out. It's real simple, just hard to explain without showing.

Before I go on, I want to call out to all the firefighters, nurses, restaurant & food store employees - the police, EMT's, delivery people, our truckers, warehouse workers and anyone else out there working to keep us safe and well - there are no words to express the gratitude you all deserve. Thank you seems insignificant for what you all do for the rest of us.

So looking around the house, I discovered I can protect myself pretty easily with what I have. This won't cost much so if you don't want to reuse it, you can throw it away. Your call.


You will need two things:

Some packing or masking tape and -

a clear plastic open top document sheet protector. These are the type you put in binders then slide documents in from the top. They kind look like a gallon size freezer bag only longer (that would probably work also but not for my big head!)

Step 1: Lay Out Your Plastic

So lay out your plastic with the opening toward you. I made drawings because taking a photo of something transparent requires skills beyond mine

Step 2: Cut One Side Open

Carefully cut along the seem on only ONE side.

When done the top and one side will be open and the bottom and other side are still sealed together - very important!

Step 3: Fold the Two Seams Together

This is easy to show, not so easy to explain and document but here goes....

Open your plastic and refold so the two sealed seams overlap making a triangular pocket that points down.

The ORANGE line in diagram shows how the seams overlap when done.

One side of your 'pocket' will be shorter than the other as shown by the GREEN line.

The RED arrow shows the point where the two remaining seams join each other.

(This is easier than it sounds.)

Step 4: Fold to Fit

Fold over the point of the triangle, back onto itself.

Don't worry about exactly where to fold - you can adjust this later to fit better

Step 5: Tape Down the Fold

Tape down the fold and you are done

Step 6: Finished

You can adjust the last fold and re-tape it to get a better fit.

I plan to wear this under a wide brim sun / safari hat.

The bandana over my face helps control fogging and provides a bit more protection. You can add vents but....I find it easier to just lift it for a second to air out the moisture when no one is around to infect me.

This is the basic result. You can modify as needed for your own requirements. Please post your ideas for changes in the comments - this will help everyone.

Good luck. Be safe

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