Introduction: Facial Mask DIY - Mascherina DIY

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"I was also deeply irritated by the fact that the masks of the security are sold at exorbitant price. So I made one and I share my project with you all." With these motivations, Carmen Russo has released free of charge to anyone you wish, the files of the project Templates DIY. Read the blog of in-depth analysis on efficacy and safety of the masks

Step 1: Download the File

Download the adult face mask or children's face mask files

Step 2: Cut

Cut with a lasercut machine or scissors

black fabric: fabric white fabric: TNT, non-woven neoprene

Step 3: Assembling

assemble the TNT parts on the back of the neoprene fabric. We used hot glue.

Insert a coated iron wire between one layer of TNT and the other. In this way the mask can be better modeled on the nose

Step 4: What Are the Security Levels?

The project has no security claim nor does it intend to replace masks on the market. But the characteristics of the TNT fabric, combined with neoprene, suggest the non permeability to the fluids that can cause the infection. What does this mean? That if you feel more confident with a mask in front of your mouth and no longer find it around, this solution can give you a little serenity. It does not mean that you will be protected from viruses or infections, it does not mean that you will not get sick. Surgical masks are only those approved by the Ministry of Labor, health and social policies to be used as medical devices according to national and community legislation.

Do-it-yourself masks: effective from 80 to 90%

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital worked to put a DIY method in place to make homemade masks. Thousands of people have indeed waited an entire night outside the pharmacies that promised new supplies, while the costs have skyrocketed. The homemade masks have been tested by the University. Researchers have proven that they have achieved 80-90% of the function of normal surgical masks. However, we cannot be considered as permanent solutions. Homemade masks can only act as an alternative for those who do not have any equipment, but must protect themselves from infections. It will never be a replacement for surgical masks, ”explained Dr. Joe Fan King-man, assistant to the general manager of the hospital.


Step 5: Download