Introduction: Fairy Lantern

Your own fairy lanterns. They look stunning, romantic and magical, with the flickering light going through the beautiful fairy silhouettes.

These fairy lanterns would be the perfect nightlights for any little girl’s bedroom. You can use them to decorate your home, parties and outdoor areas. They will also make great gifts for family and friends.

Step 1: Materials:

1.Any glass jars with lids
2.fairy lights or candles
3.fairy templates
6.tissue paper
7.thin rope
8.fake flower .

Step 2: Cleaning

Wash the inside of the jar, and remove labels and sticky residue from the outside.

Step 3: Creating Texture.

Glue some tissue paper to cover the jar to create a texture.

Step 4: Pasting Fairy

Paste your fairy cutouts or other paper designs onto the bottom of the jar just touching the sides. You can create a 3D illusion by by leaving a bit of space between the cutouts and the sides of the jar. Add any stickers if desired.

Step 5: Decorating Your Fairy Lantern

Decorate the lid of a jar using fake flowers and thin rope to make it look beautiful.
Sprinkle some glitter at edge and bottom of the jar to make it sparkle!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Lights Out

Place a rechargeable tea light or fairy lights in the jar, and turn out the lights.

Enjoy you magical fairy lanterns!!!!!!!!

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