Introduction: Fake Egyptian Papyrus/ Palm-leaf Manuscript.

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I am going to show you how to make a fake Egyptian papyrus. You can make this for your history projects. :D

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

  • Coffee powder.
  • Water.
  • Drawing paper.
  • Sketch pen.
  • Match box.
  • Brush.

Step 2: Lay the Paper on a Flat Surface.

Step 3: Add a Pinch of Coffee Powder to the Water.

Step 4: Using a Brush, Paint the Paper With the Coffee Mixture.

Allow the paper to dry.

Step 5: Add Little More Coffee Powder to the Same Mixture to Get a Darker Shade.

Step 6: Paint It As Shown.

Step 7: Write Down Something.

Make rounded, diagonal and random shapes of letter.

Step 8: Gently Burn the Edges.

Step 9: To Create a Seal, Put Melted Wax.

Step 10: Its Ready!

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