Introduction: Fake Vires Prank! (Perfect Version)

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Heres how to make a perfect prank vires that will have your friends freaking out! (Tested) And don't worry, this is not a harmful vires. Just a modified shortcut! It is complitly harmless! Here is what will hapen,

Tell youre friend to look somthing up (somthing on you tube for example) and say that you are going to the bathroom. Also tell him/her to use the rigged fake shortcut because your computer has a wird glitch on the normal internet explorer. So the person will click the rigged fake shortcut and a messege will come up saying somthing bad! Then after 10 seconds, your computer will complitaly shut down in front of their face! (You might want a hidden camere)

Oh and dont worry, after It shuts down you will just have to turn it back on and everything will be fine, but save and close all of your running programs so you don't lose anything you have been working on!

Step 1: Code

To start this prank right click and click "new - shortcut" Copy and paste this: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 10 -c "Please stop inporting illigal viris. State officials are notified. Do not attempt to flee. You have violated law #36, therefore you will be transported to jail untill judge summons." Now, the message that will pop up is the "Plese stop inporting illigal vires..." You can change that to whatever you like! I just find that this makes your victem twice as scared! To do that just delete what I originaly typed for a message and type whatever you want!

Step 2: Disarming

If you want to disarm it (good for testing) you need to click "run" On the start menu and copy and paste this, shutdown -a.

Step 3: Done!

Vualla it is done! Now you can go and prank your friends with it! If you have any questions just leave a comment!

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