Introduction: Fan Replacement for Sony Laptop

In this Instructable, I will replace a fan on a Sony Laptop model PCG-9Z1L.

Step 1: Tools and Parts Needed.

1) Fan for Sony PCG-9Z1L (Order online)

2) Long-nosed pliers (Hardware or electronics store)

3) Selection of small screwdrivers. Phillips and Slot types. (Hardware or electronics store)

4) Silicon heat sink compound (Electronics store or online)

Step 2: Remove Battery

The battery is the first thing to be removed, followed by the memory cover and hard drive cover. Remove every screw on the bottom cover of the laptop.

Step 3: Remove Bottom Cover of Computer.

After removing all screws on the bottom of the computer, including the ones in the battery compartment. Also remove the hard drive and hard drive holder from the computer to put them out of the way. Put the screws, covers, hard drive and cover neatly away.

Step 4: Remove Fan Assembly

Remove fan assembly as shown in the picture. Carefully remove the connector from the circuit board. Remove seized fan from the assembly and replace with the new fan. Put new silicone compound where the heat sink touches the processor chip.

Step 5: Put Fan Assembly Back in Computer

Put fan assembly back in the computer and carefully attach the connector back to the circuit board. Reinstall hard drive and hard drive holder.

Step 6: Reinstall Computer Bottom Panel

Reinstall computer bottom panel and plastic covers for hard drive and memory. Reinstall battery once everything is together.

Step 7: Once Complete, Check Out Operation

Once everything is back together, turn on the computer and let it boot up. Leave the computer on for a while and before long, you should hear the fan turning on.