Introduction: Fancy Footwork Projects

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Usually painting with a paintbrush or with our hands is one thing, but painting with our feet is definitely another. You may think this is a messy task, but in the end, it's a painting technique that is fun and easy to do! Try this footprint paper project, and read on to see how you can use this unique take on a fun painting project for your next special occasion! This is one way to get your feet dirty, so let's "step up" and "put our best foot forward" for three fun fancy footwork projects!

Step 1: Materials List

This is a list of materials you will need for three unique footprint paper projects

  • a large piece of drawing paper or poster board (I'm using an 18 x 24 inch piece of drawing paper)
  • assortment of paints
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • spray adhesive
  • old newspaper
  • composition notebook
  • small gift box (not pictured)
  • large picture frame (not pictured)
  • permanent marker

Step 2: Prep Your Workspace

Lay out some old newspaper to make for easy clean-up. Now, place your large piece of paper or poster board on top. This is going to be your canvas!

Step 3: Make Footprints

Now, squeeze out some of your paint on a paper plate or another piece of drawing paper to make like your palette. Then, just dip your feet into the paint and walk around on your paper "canvas"! You can add as little or as much color as you like! For me, I used a pastel orange, gold, sea green, pastel green and hot pink to make the painting really pop out! Just make sure that you get all the corners and sides covered at least.

Step 4: Admire It

Now, this one of the projects that you can do with your footprint paper. Once the paint is dry, you can place it in a picture frame! My paper is 18 x 24 inches, so you can get yourself that size picture frame. Or, you can choose your favorite size picture frame and just cut up your painting to that size and place it in the frame! Once done, you can hang it up in your room and admire your fancy artwork...or fancy footwork! Obviously, I don't have a frame to demonstrate, but you can probably see where this is going.

Step 5: Wrapping Paper

Another fun project to do with your footprint paper is to use as funky wrapping paper! Simply grab a gift box or any other box size present and just cut your paper to the exact same size, making sure that your present is completely covered while wrapping and taping in place. Now, all that's left to do is put the bow on top! Great wrapping paper idea for birthdays, holidays and special occasions, especially wedding gifts!

Step 6: Wedding Guest Book

Finally, this is a great idea to do for your next big wedding day: make a guest book, where your guests can "step in" and celebrate your big day!

To make your footprint guest book...

  1. Start by cutting your footprint paper to the same size as your notebook or sketchbook cover. Here, I'm using a composition notebook.
  2. Next, take some spray adhesive and spray the paper from corner to corner. Then, place it on top of your notebook cover.
  3. If you have any extra notebook cover hanging out, you can do just like how I did, by simply putting on some colorful Duct Tape to the spine.
  4. Now, you can use your guest book to add some fun and color to your next summer wedding!

Now, here's how to use your guest book...

  • Have your wedding guests keep their shoes on, or have them take one off. Then, have them dip their shoe or foot into a large ink pad or some washable finger paint poured onto a paper plate. Then, have them step onto a page in the book, leaving a shoe or footprint and, finally, grab a permanent marker and sign their name!
  • In the end, you're going to have a guest book filled with footprints from your guests, that will become your biggest piece of memorabilia from your big day!
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