Introduction: Fancy Paper Bag

Welcome! Interested to make this Easy to make Paper Bag. Follow the steps as listed. Hope you get the end result just like the Final Image. :)

Step 1: Material Gathering

1. Paper

2. Scale/Measuring Tape

3. Fancy Scissors

4. Paper Cutter

5. Marking Pencil

6. Glue

7. Cloth Glue

8. Ribbon

9. Hole Punch

10. Hole Guard

Step 2:

Measure paper.

Step 3:

Divide paper in 3 parts.

Step 4:

Fold each paper in 3 portion as shown above.

Step 5:

Now mark an angle of 60 degrees as shown.

Step 6:

Follow the previous step. Please keep in mind about the open and close sides.

Step 7:

As shown in the image, cut both the papers accordingly.

Step 8:

It will look like this after the cutting process.

Step 9:

Same as previous.

Step 10:

Open and flatten both papers.

Step 11:

Fold the paper(colored side on the inside as shown in the image) and cut with fancy scissor.

Note- Here I have selected only the pink color paper to cut. Hence when you do so, do consider cutting only 1 paper for this step only.

Step 12:

Open and flatten both paper.

Step 13:

As shown in the above image, mark the area and apply glue on the marked area.

Step 14:

Apply glue on the marked area and paste them together and later it will look like the above image.

Step 15:

Now turn the paper over. Colored side will be on the top.

Step 16:

Cut strip like the image above.

Step 17:

Stick the paper as shown in the image and the lemon yellow paper as per my example should be overlapped.

Follow the image.

Step 18:

The result of the previous step.

Turn the page so that the white side will be on the top.

Step 19:

Fold perfectly on the line shown by the tip of the scale.

Step 20:

Turn over again. The paper is ready to be made in a paper bag.

Step 21:

Step 22:

Follow the instructions in the above image and fold accordingly.

Step 23:

Stick as per the image.

Step 24:

As per the image, fold accordingly.

Step 25:

Apply glue on the white strip and fold it upwards.

Step 26:

Punch holes and secure with Hole Guard.

Step 27: Fancy Gift Bag Made From Waste.

As shown in the image, add ribbon as a handle and stick some leftover pieces from the paper and make your own design.

Bag Ready.

Step 28:

Some different type of bags.

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