Introduction: Fancy Rhinestone Mirror

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One key element of interior design is light. Knowing how to light up your spaces will make your home look bigger and will create a warm atmosphere.

The simplest way to create this environment is with mirrors.

This time I am sharing an easy DIY Project based on this principle that will make your home look fancy, beautiful and illuminated.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Round mirror
  • Self adhesive rhinestones
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape

Step 2: Carefully Remove Rhinestone From Plastic

Mirror needs to be clean and dry.

You need to be carefull not to touch the adhesive with your fingers, otherwise it will not glue into the mirror.

Step 3: Glue Rhinestones Around Mirror

Choose your design and glue rhinestones. I love how simple rhinestones frame the mirror.

Step 4: Once the Circle Is Complete, Cut the Rhinestone Sheet

Adhesive rhinestones are really practical. Once you have completed the circle you only need to cut the rhinestones sheet.

Step 5: Add Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is super strong for most surfaces. Add some pieces of it in the mirror and remove the plastic protecting sheet.

Step 6: Glue Mirror in Wall or Use an Easel

Your fancy mirror is ready to be used in the wall. If you prefer, you can use an easel to add a romantic and chic style. Actually you can use this mirror in easel to decorate rooms and even parties!

Use your imagination and enjoy!

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