Introduction: Fancy Vanity!

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It was about time to replace my sink in the bathroom with a nice and fancy vanity! Vanities nowadays are super expensive and then also made of pressed wood. If that gets wet, your wood expanses and it just start to look ugly and it's beyond repair. So I wanted it to build from massive wood, so it'll be not that vulnerable to water.

Let's check how I did it!



  • wood. (I just pine wood) It's up to you to choose a thickness. I chose planks of 1inch thick
  • woodglue
  • stain
  • varnish
  • sink of glass
  • faucet


  • saw
  • sander
  • drill/driver

Step 1: Draw a Plan!

Though I am not that super precise and I always like to start and see how it goes, usually I draw some plan of what I want the outcome to be. It's up to you how precise you want to be, but I think it's good to have some idea before you start cutting!

Step 2: Cutting the Wood!

That's maybe the hardest part; cutting all the pieces!
I also cut the pieces for the legs so we can start putting it together in the next step.

Step 3: Making the Legs

With a pocket hole kit I screwed the legs first together. Because it's a vanity and it'll be in the bathroom and I did not wanted to see any screws once it's done I the screws are only visisble from the inside, so that the outside will look nice and clean. I also used wood glue (of course water resistant) in between the planks.
Now the legs are done. Let's go assemble the front and back!

Step 4: Front and Back

Once all the legs are done, we're going to make the front and the back. (they're basically the same.)
I used a plank on the blind side to connect the pieces in between. All are glued and screwed from the blind side in order to get that clean look I described in the step before.
Once the back and the front are done, let's attach it all together!

Step 5: Attaching the Front and Back

To connect the front and back I used planks in between too. Screwed and glued those from the blind side as well. Then I glued a plank over the connections, so it'll look clean and smooth.

Let's make the towel rack and the top!

Step 6: The Towel Rack and the Top!

After precise measuring I added the towel rack first. For this part I only used glue.
After that I made the top exaclty the same way. Except that after assembing I used a sander to make the whole top super smooth!

Time to paint!

Step 7: Paint! Stain & Varnish

I used grey wash varnish to paint the vanity. I painted everything thoroughly on the inside first before going to the oustide. I added multiple layers in order to get an even grey color, but still see some of the wood grain.
Then I painted the whole outside with a protective and smooth varnish for water protection as well as easy cleaning later.

The reason I painted it this way, is that it'll fit better with the bathroom tiles, but you can go of course with any color!

Step 8: Add the Bowl and Faucet!

Now everything was painted and dried I drilled two holes in the vanity to place the bowl and the faucet! I'm so happy on how it is coming together! Time to put it in it's place!

Step 9: Now That Looks Better!

With this new vanity the bathroom looks way better! The old sink is gone and replaced with a brand new vanity! Look at the before and after pictures!

I hope this instructable will be of inspiration of your new vanity too! It's not that hard and pretty fun to do! love was super happy with it!

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