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You will likely enjoy this. I wanted a treasure map or scavenger map for adventures around my house. I live in an amazing place, just a little bit short of heaven (well, maybe not that good, but still pretty amazing). I started with Google maps. Google says I live here.


Google maps. Good quality piece of paper. Pencil and a fine tipped pen. Lots of patience....

Step 1: Labels First

Added the labels and the border first. Well not completely first, as I did sketch the outline in pencil.

Step 2: Practice Sheets

I did a few practice sheets to work out my icons and ideas. I had to greatly simplify as I had too much for a readable map. Here are some test pages I worked on,

Step 3: Paths and Houses

I added the paths and the houses (including all my neighbours (sorry about that neighbours)). Sort of fun to think about all the buildings in this somewhat rural area.

Step 4: Terrain

I live in a hilly area. Well really mountains (but we call the little ones hills (about 300m or 1,000 feet from top to bottom, not including the real mountains at the edges which are 2,100m or about 7,000 feet)). So I added the hills and a bit of terrain.

Step 5: Trees

Lots of trees around here. I added specific specimens where I have had adventures over the years. Oh, they are pretty big trees; sometimes over 65m or 200 feet in height.

Step 6: Shading

Added the shading... Not much more to say than this is a whole lot of shading... It does give the map some depth though and it is worth the effort (yes, I know your hand is aching but still it is worth it....?)

Step 7: Hopefully This Is the Final Copy

I added a whole bunch of fine detail, particularly around the water (I thought my hand would fall off (and it was probably close)). I think this really added that extra dimension to the map. One little story about Skull Rock. You can only see this from the water but it is quite amazing. The first time I saw this big boulder in the water, I immediately thought of Peter Pan (the Disney animated version). This rock looked so much like skull rock that I almost tipped the canoe (not saying much for my canoeing skills). I still marvel each time I pass by this boulder. Each location on the map has some special memory or significance to me. I am hoping to use this map for many adventures into the future.

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