Introduction: Farmer's Cheese Cookies

These cookies are deliciously crunchy on the outside and soft with a nice bit of sour on the inside. Perfect with a cup of coffee.


  • 125 g. Farmer's cheese (Curd)
  • 150 g. Flour
  • 100 g. Softened Butter
  • Pack of Vanilla Sugar (or a splash of extract)
  • 50 g. Sugar

This makes a dozen cookies

I bought the farmer's cheese as "tvorog" in my local Russian shop. You can use cottage cheese or ricotta, just make sure that you drain it really well.

Step 1: Add Butter and Vanilla Sugar to the Curd

Step 2: Blend Them Together

Step 3: Add Flour and Knead Until a Dough Forms

The less you knead the crunchier and softer your cookies will be

Step 4: Let Your Dough Chill Out in the Fridge for an Hour

This will make the dough easier to handle

Step 5: Heat the Oven to 180°C

Step 6: Roll Out Your Dough

It should be pretty thin, like the thickness of the walls of a cup.

I recommend rolling it out on a baking sheet so it won't stick.

Step 7: Cut the Dough Into Circles

With a glass or cookie cutter

Step 8: Pour the Sugar Into a Plate for Dipping

Step 9: Dip Both Sides of Your Cookie

Step 10: Fold in Half

Step 11: And Again

Step 12: Pop Them Into the Oven Until Golden Brown

About 20 minutes

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