Introduction: Fast Bottle for Rapid Deployment (and Organized Paracord Storage)

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I was inspired by the all the ibles on making a "fast rope" for their paracord.  After several attempts mine keeps getting looped around one of the other loops and bringing my paracord to a screeching halt.  Then I remembered the way I store my old climbing rope.  In a stuff sack! Just like the bags that swift water rescue folks use.

That got me thinking about a "bag" that was smaller than an old sleeping bag stuff sack.  Along came the fast bottle!

Step 1: Shrinking the "bag"

I knew i could get a smaller stuff sack, but that was not something I had sitting around (and I am pretty cheap).

Then I remembered that lots of people were using the old BPA water bottles for survival kits, dry storage, etc.

I raided the cupboard and found a bike bottle of questionable plastic content (even though I REALLY love riding for the NCMEC every year)!

Step 2: Hole in the Top of the Bottle

This was much easier since all I had to do was pop the sealing part out, and cut the two small connecting pieces in the lid.

The first time I put the paracord in the bottle the cordage got snagged on a rough edge from removing the inner workings of the lid.

I then went back and smoothed the inside edge with a sharp blade and then a lighter (in hind sight I bet fine sand paper would have been perfect too).

Step 3: Hole in the Bottom

I used my trusty Gerber Multitool's awl to "drill" a hole in the bottom of the bottle.  This left a nice smooth opening for the paracord to pass though.

Step 4: Filling the Bottle

First you pass the paracord through the bottom of the bottle from the top, tie some sort of stopper knot.  My favorite knot is the figure 8.  It gives a nice loop when needed, or unties very easily when not needed.

Step 5: Final Testing

I filled the bottle, and deployed the paracord in an instant!  Much more successful than the several attempts at using a fast rope.

I realized that the figure 8 knot also helped hold the working end of the paracord nicely stored in the bottle lid.

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