Introduction: Ultimate Weed Removal Tool

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I was tired of crawling through the lawn on my hands and knees using a hand-held weeding tool because I DO NOT like using chemicals on the lawn with pets, kids, and wildlife also being on it.  I saw a similar tool at the BigBox store with a telescoping handle that would get me off the ground, but they wanted $11 for it.  I knew there was a better (and cheaper) way.  I was inspired by Clint's Dandy Digger!  I had part of an old crib frame that would provide the angle iron, but I wasn't sure I could weld the foot peg on just like they did for the dandy digger.  After starting to cut the extra parts off of the frame I saw the answer...

Follow along as I create an awesome weeder that can be used standing up.

***This instructable involves power tools (welder, reciprocating saw, drill, & grinder).  Please make sure you wear safety gear and know how to use a power tool before you attempt this instructable.***

Step 1: Find Materials

I had an old crib frame in the garage and thought it would be perfect to supply the angle iron for this project.

Step 2: Cut to Size

I cut the end off of the frame that had a 90* bracket welded to it with a reciprocating saw and 3-in-1 oil to cool things down and preserve the blade.  This bracket ends up being reused.

Step 3: Sharpen Tool End

In order for this tool to dig easily into the ground you need to cut an angle on one end of the angle iron.  I attempted to cut a 45* angle but really I just eye-balled it.  You just need it to be "pointy" enough to penetrate the ground but not so steep to make grabbing the roots difficult.  I used the reciprocating saw again for this cut but then finished it with a grinder equipped with a cut off wheel (the grinder is MESSY but much easier and faster to make cuts with).

Step 4: Grind Paint Off

I used the grinder to remove paint on the angle iron and bracket.  I ground the paint off from about 4" from the point to 7" from the point, and all surfaces to be welded on the bracket.

Step 5: Clamp Together and Weld

I used vice grips to hold the to parts together with the bottom of the bracket about 4" up from the pointed end.  Using a MIG welder I welded around on each side (sorry for the lack of pictures of this process).

Step 6: Attach Handle

I just happened to have an old hockey stick in the garage but I am sure with some ingenuity a round handle could also be used.  I clamped the handle to the weeder with a C-Clamp and quick-grip clamp then pre-drilled the holes in the metal (again with 3-in-1 oil) and using self tapping screws attached the handle to the weeder.

Step 7: Take It for a Spin

Before getting too far I tried it out on the weeds next to the garage.  Place the tool in the ground with hand power (or use the foot peg if the ground is hard/rocky), pry back and wait for the *pop* of the root.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

The only paint I had around was white (i would have preferred black or something florescent) but anything to prevent rust is necessary after all the cutting, grinding, and welding.

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